Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sample Fingerless Checker & Striped Mitten

My daughter sent the variegated sock yarn to me, and I loved it's beauty, but wanted to do something different with it.  I added black sock yarn and started playing, but without a pattern I decided to think in 3's.  3's is a good rule of thumb, 2 is ho hum and unimaginative, but odd numbers give interest. Colors were added in the FairIsle (<----found here) knitting technique, 3 rows, 3 stitches changing to the black 3 st and then 3 st of variegated and so on for 3 rows.  I had to increase some stitches at the end of the first check row, and it shows, but this is going to be frogged, so onward I proceeded, 3 rows.  Next, 3  rows of the same checker, but used the variegated where black was in the last set.  Next, 3 rows of one color only and then 3 rows of the other color.  I was enjoying my creation and didn't realize I had gone beyond the thumb, so I knitted 2 more sets of strips.  Yes, I was having a very satisfying time.  
Where is the graph paper?   

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