Sunday, June 29, 2008

Knitted Afghan

Lion Brand Suede, Red Heart Mexicana, size 19 circular needle, st st with garter st at each end.
As promised, here are pictures of the knitted Afghan after frogging the crocheted version, which my hands couldn't execute without pain.  I was able to knit without without inhibiting discomfort.  This is going to be a warm, washable, comfortable and color coordinated afghan for my living room.
Take note of the way I was able to separate the skeins of yarn, keeping them from tangling.  The crocheted version was maddening, because the ball I  wound, with the three yarns, kept tangling.  Well, I got through that first ball, even though I spent the same amount of time untangling the mess as I did crocheting on it.  I decided what was needed was a better way to get those three strands to behave themselves.  Necessity is the mother of invention and after looking around I used three of those innumerable canvas bags we all acquire over the years.  I placed one skein in each and never had to stop and untangle my yarn.  I know that zip lock bags and some specialty commercial bags could be used, but, this will work just as well, and maybe even better, and it is "green".

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