Friday, June 27, 2008

Creations from the Garden

Everyday our garden gives up her bounty.  Today we picked another Zucchini........sigh, and we are able to pick Tomatoes and Jalapenos.  The Canning Cucumbers have been hiding and I found a competition sized one under a leaf from the zucchini plant.  I don't grow them for pickles, just to eat in our salads, and they are so much better than those great big green cucumbers.  Also, I planted a yellow tomato, but it turns out to be a smaller tear drop shaped fruit like the cherry tomato, but smaller. They are great in the salad.  I am going to find the larger yellow tomato plant,  they have a dif taste and they makes a marinara that has an enhanced wonderful flavor. My tomato plants are loaded with green fruit, and I thought they would all come off at the same time, but fortunately that isn't happening---yet.  I had a tomato sandwich for breakfast.............mmmmmm good.  Nothing like a home grown, vine ripened tomato.  The tomato we buy in the stores do not taste like tomatoes.  They really don't.  It is so easy to grow your own.  One bag of  cow manure turned over in the soil and then plant your tomato plant deep up to the largest leaves at the bottom of the plant, this is so additional roots will grow to support and get more of the cow manure nutrients into it's system.  Water. but don't over water, pinch back the tops when the bush is about 4.5 feet.  This will force growth into the production of tomatoes, otherwise you could end up with a lot of bush and fewer tomatoes. 

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