Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cotton Yarn and Cotton Blend Comparison of Texture

While cruising the Ravelry site, a community of knitters and crocheters,  I saw a darling baby bib that talented Designer Dehbiknits posted in her projects. As I studied the bib, with a thick strap, attached at one side, and fastened on the opposite side with a button and buttonhole connection I invisioned a halter top.  I don't have anymore babies in my life, all the grandkids are grown past the bib stage, six grandkids being girls, so when I looked at the bib, I  invisioned a halter top, with that  fashionable strap, which, for modesty's sake, would hold up the top. Not having a pattern, and being at a kindergarten level of learning and knowledge, in my knitting experience, I CO 149 st and used a seed stitch for the first 1", which is the bottom of the tube. I continued knitting, using a circular needle, in a st st.   

I wanted a 100% cotton yarn,  and decided that Red Heart Carefree Cotton, a blend of 51% cotton/49% acrylic (pink)would work best for a child.  I first knitted a swatch with Lion Brand Cottom Ease 50/50 blend (smoke lavender), and proceeded with the Red Heart (pink).  The seed stitch, using the Lion Brand, was not as "sharp" and pointy as with the Red Heart.  I also, did a swatch using Louisa Harding's Nautical Cotton 100% cotton (grape-magenta) and my preference would be this gorgeous yarn, but the price is almost double the Red Heart.  The cotton/acrylic blend would dry faster than the other, so this is the choice of this knitter for the top.  The Harding cotton will be saved for something I can wear. 

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