Sunday, June 29, 2008


I began this Afghan with a size N hook, but my thumb joints couldn't tolerate the stress.  After crocheting for 27" I had to stop.  I frogged it and began over again using a Size 19 circular needle.  I didn't have a larger size, and my preference would have been to knit using a size 24 needle.
I will get a pic of the knitted one, soon.
My husband and I were on vacation when he saw an advertisement for the 99 cent store showing Lion Brand Suede yarn for 99 cents.  When we got back into town I went to the store and checked out the yarn. I hadn't used this yarn before, but the price was right.  Twenty skeins later I was driving home.  I am not crazy about the suede yarn, because it is so stretchy and very relaxed.  I knitted a pillow.  Then I put 2 strands of dif colored suede yarn with a strand of Red Heart Mexicana and I liked what I saw, so the new couch will have a new afghan in time for Winter.  

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