Friday, July 4, 2008

FAMILY HISTORY ~ My Ancestors fought against King George and his army helping to win our Independence Day.

I often consider my father's side of the family and their long ago commitment to being free to worship as they felt led, and their brave stand against the King of England, King George. Not all of his family warred against that Dictator, who wore the crown, who dictated that all our timber would go across the Atlantic for his purposes.  That task master who pronounced taxes so unreasonable that it caused a rebellious act of independence.  Those Bostonians were just saying no more taxes without representation, as they rolled the King's containers of tea into the bay,  and most of our countrymen responed with "NO" and "Hell NO".  I  thank King George for driving "we the people" to that breaking point.  Britons are still escaping to the USA.  Yes, they are our allies and I hope that never changes.
My father's family lived in "upstate" New York, and they were taking sides.  The debate and arguments were heated and those who sided with the King left and traveled to (now) Canada.      My father tells of how all communication was cut off.  The anger and resentment was stronger than the "ties" of family.  I am thankful to their stand and their fight.  It is a wonderful story of family history that I have passed on to my children and grandchildren.
We, as mothers and fathers need to know our history, the history of the American Revolution and even the sequence of events leading to the signing of our Independence Day Declaration.  Even if the chronological sequence is boring to us, we still need to know, because that info will give strength to our fiber and resolve to our demeanor.  Knowledge is a good thing, only when we all have it, not when just a few have it.  If only a few know the intimate details of our history,  they can manipulate it to suit their agenda, their purposes and we won't even realize the erosion that is undermining our earned promises of freedom, our independence and our Liberty. 
 At the dinner table teach your kids about the fight for Independence, tell them about the people who fought, and how they were just like you and me.  Tell them of how brave they were to stand up to the most powerful country in the world, in those times.  Help them to imagine the battlefield and the ages of those who fought and the weapons they used.  Tell them of the stealth they were able to employ.  Tell them that some of those long ago warriors had names like we have or our neighbors have.  Tell them of their faith in a just God, Who created them in His image and therefore we forbear.   
 Pray each day for God's Wisdom to know right from wrong, just from unjust, according to His teachings.

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