Sunday, July 20, 2008

Grow Your Own

Before we left for the coast I picked all the ripe and near ripe produce from my garden.  When we came home I had to pick all that you see in these pics.  I washed and quick froze the little yellow and large red tomatoes and the jalapenos.  The yellow canning cucumber, while awfully large and yellow, instead of light green, was perfectly delicious and the texture-just fine.  I planted 3 zucchini plants and that was a mistake.  We never ate it before and now we are swearing off.  These will go to the Rescue Mission. I have given them to my neighbors and I think it is time for me to pull 2 of the plants out and replace them with more tomatoes.  I will have to give extra sun protection to them, because of the intense 100+ degree days, but I think that I can nurture them along.  We can pick tomatoes all the way up to the 2nd freeze.  Then the green tomatoes can be put up in a hot dog/steak/hamburger relish......mmmmmmgood.  

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